Way to use

tickbox-openenopen theTickBox:

Use the hole in the lid to open the box.


Step 1: select cap

Select the best suitable cap based on the size of the tick and personal preference


Step 2: click cap onto the torch

Pull the cap that needs to be replaced from the revolving lens. Make a slight ’break-off movement’ at the same time. Next, push (at first under a small angle) the selected cap onto the lens


Step 3: shift cap between skin and tick

Shift the chosen cap between the skin and the tick. Make sure the tick enters the cap small-side-first meanwhile keeping close contact to the skin (very light pressure).


Step 4: turn cap until tick releases

Keep contact with the skin and when the tick is in the middle of the cap, turn the cap 1-2 times until the tick releases by it self. Mind you: don’t pull the cap upwards. That would possibly leave mouth-parts of the tick behind in the skin.

Step 5: drop tick in containertickbox-step-5

Drop the tick in the container in the box. In case the tick is stuck in the cap, you can release it by aid of the rubber pick.


Step 6: dispose of tick

Empty the TickBox: dispose of the tick through the hole in the lid.


See how it works!